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Eat Less – Natural Appetite Suppressant

Eat Less – Natural Appetite Suppressant

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Eat Less – Natural Appetite Suppressant CBD

This CBD Distillate oil is specially designed to suppress your appetite. One of the purest forms of CBD you can get. This natural appetite suppressant is a special “recipe” of distilled concentrated cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBDV, and THCV. Distillate makes it possible to make solutions specifically designed to help special conditions. It is practically tasteless and odorless.

  • Read the leaflet before you take your first dose.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of small children.
  • Store cool, dark and dry
  • Do not freeze.

Recommended daily dosage (RDD)

14 years+ :  5 drops, 3 times a day.

How to use Eat Less: The first week take the maximum dosage 30 min. before a meal or before you know you will have cravings. After the first week you can experiment with less drops per dosage, but keep the same frequency. After some time you can start experimenting with the frequency as well.

Eat Less Natural weight loss remedy

The Natural Appetite Suppressant you wish you knew before! If you consume more food than you need (calories in), the excess calories turn into extra weight. But if you burn more calories than you consume (calories out), you burn stored body fat for energy and you lose weight.

Think of food as fuel and your body as a car. Food is the energy our bodies need to move. Overeating is like over-fueling. Any excess fuel you don’t use turns into fat and weight gain begins. Once you understand the calories in vs. calories out equation, weight loss becomes simple. But the biggest challenge remains….controlling your appetite!

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Care Instructions

Keep stored in a dry place

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