Goldrush at iCana

Long awaited but finally the new Premiums have arrived.

We want to finsh the year 2022 with some new tastes for you so we added Premium CBD Hash to our stock...

Check out this beauty ..

...24K CBD Gold Hash 

Goldrush at iCana

..or the Red Lebanese CBD Hash

Goldrush at iCana

..both are High Quality Hashs with a very high percentage of CBD.

But we do not stop there but also added 2 new Premium Flowers 

Check out the

Premium Rockbud CBD 

Goldrush at iCana

with 24% CBD and 0,2%THC.

Last but not least we have another beautiful lady in our stock now ..

Goldrush at iCana

Say hello to the "Great white Shark CBD" with an amazing 25% CBD and a very fruitful taste .

These 4 new Premiums are now available in our store for you !!!

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thanks for your trust , hope you enjoy it!
best regards


great news , i am gonna give it a try <3


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